Baju Marching Band dan seragam drumband Sebagai Penambah Daya Tarik

Anda pasti sudah familiar dengan marching band. Marching band adalah sekelompok orang yang memainkan sebuah atau beberapa lagu dengan menggunakan berbagai macam alat musik. Perpaduan alat musik tersebut menjadi sebuah kesatuan yang indah dan enak untuk didengarka dan juga untuk dilihat. Selain itu marching band juga biasanya memiliki forbaju drum bandmasi atau koreografi yang menarik untuk dilihat. Marching band biasanya dipimpin oleh satu atau dua orang yang disebut sebagai mayoret. Mayoret biasanya ada di barisan depan dan membawa stik. Stik mayoret ini juga menjadi salah satu alat atraksi mayoret. Yakni dengan dilempar-lemparkan ke atas dan ditangkap lagi dengan sempurna. Selain permainan musiknya yang sangat menarik, baju marching band seringkali dilihat banyak orang karena keunikannya.

Baju marching band sering dilirik oleh banyak orang karena desain bajunya yang unik. Baju yang dikenakan pemain marching band ini biasanya seragam semua dan identik satu sama lainnya. Biasanya baju seragam marching band ini seperti seragam pengawal dari istana. Selain itu juga dibuat dengan menggunakan warna-warna yang menarik, dan topi menjadi salah satu pelengkap yang membuat seragam marching band semakin cantik. Khusus untuk mayoret, maka desain baju marching band yang digunakan mungkin agak lebih sedikit heboh karena mayoret adalah pemimpin dari marching band. Selain itu mayoret juga berada di depan yang otomatis menjadi hal pertama yang akan terlihat oleh penonton. Drumband alias marching band adalah sebuah kelompok orang yang memainkan sebuah lagu dengan menggunakan berbagai macam alat musik. Alat musik yang digunakan biasanya terdiri dari alat musik tiup, perkusi, dan lain sebagainya. Penampilan drumband ini biasanya ditunggu-tunggu oleh masyarakat. Karena memang menarik dan unik. Drumband biasanya dipimpin oleh seseorang yang disebut sebagai mayoret. Mayoret ini nantinya akan ada di depan. Mayoret identik dengan atraksi melempar-lemparkan stik atau tongkat ke atas kemudian menangkapnya lagi dengan sempurna. Selain itu drumband juga biasanya menarik perhatian karena adanya koreografi tertentu. Baju seragam drumband yang berwarna-warni pun menjadi salah satu daya tarik bagi orang-orang yang melihatnya.

Baju seragam drumband memiliki berbagai macam desain yang dapat disesuaikan dengan keinginan kelompok drumband. Bisa jadi kelompok drumband membuat seragamnya sesuai dengan acara dimana mereka akan bermain. Misalnya untuk acara kemerdekaan, drumband bisa memilih seragam yang bernuansa kemerdekaan dengan warna merah putih yang menarik. Baju seragam drumband bukanlah hanya sebagai sebuah seragam saja. Tetapi juga menjadi salah satu daya tarik serta ciri khas dari sebuah drumband. Yang namanya seragam memang biasanya identik satu sama lain, tapi mungkin khusus untuk mayoret seragamnya akan dibuat sedikit lebih mencolok. Mengingat mayoret adalah seorang pemimpin dan berada pada posisi depan yang akan menjadi perhatian publik.

Tips in Choosing Marching Band Shops

You may not realize this, but joining a marching band will require lots of things and preparation. It is safe to say that a marching band is quite costly because of the so many items needed and included. The musical instruments may be the main items in the band, but do you know that there are other additional items that you should have to ensure that practice would be smooth and well?Tips in Choosing Marching Band Shops

The Essentials

So, before you can make a budget planning of what items to buy, you need to know the essentials. Here are some of the things you need to have:

  • The musical instruments are undoubtedly the main important element in the band. How are you going to contribute within the band without having the instrument?
  • You will also need a good pair of shoes, preferably sport shoes. Never consider playing bands with beauty shoes like high heels or flats. Not only they won’t be suitable for such harsh condition, it is you who will suffer the most. Good pair of sport shoes has this nice support that enables you to stand or walk a long distance. It is also advisable that you always wear the shoes with socks. Without socks, you will only suffer from the blisters – which can be very painful on longer period of time.
  • Have comfy and breathable shorts and T-shirts. Having light and comfy polo shirts can also help. Most marching bands generally wear uniforms, but if you are low on the budget, wearing regular shorts and shirts will do. You can save up money while making use of your regular clothing.
  • Having a raincoat or raincoat with pants is also important. You may have to perform during rainy days. Investing your money in high quality raincoat will be a wise thing to do. Consider poncho if you think regular raincoat is not very fashionable or stylish.
  • If you already have shirts, shorts, or polo shirts for official performance of the band, you need to have the matching socks as well. It will deliver the professional look, despite the simplicity of your style and ‘uniform’
  • You also need to invest money in good quality duffel bag so you can carry all of your items safely and easily. Your items won’t be scattered around and you won’t have to worry that they may be damaged during transportation.
  • Additional and important stuffs, like first aid kit, water bottle, or sunscreen is important. They are important to make sure that your practice moment will be smooth and you can enjoy it.

Purchase Consideration

Let’s face it, you will need lots of money when joining a marching band. In case your band is thinking about spending money to buy the equipments, here are the things to consider in case the budget is limited:

1. Musical instruments are more crucial than additional items and uniforms, so make sure that they go first.

2. If new instruments are still expensive, you can consider used items. Try eBay or Craiglist, as well as used stores around the neighborhood.

3. Browse around for various options from offline and online stores. Discuss with other members about your crucial needs.Tips in Choosing Marching Band Shops1

Choosing Marching Band Shops

If you want to make your marching band inventory complete by the needed essentials and stuffs, you have to choose the right marching band shops. Choosing the right shops can determine the quality of the equipments as well as making sure that you don’t spend too much for them. Basically, there are lots of marching band shops that you can try and visit because buying the instruments and the additional items is easy, but you certainly want to make sure that you choose from the right and reliable suppliers.Tips in Choosing Marching Band Shops2

Among the many types and variants of marching band shop, you can be overwhelmed with many different choices and options. To help you decide of which store to choose and to make your job easier, here are some ways to help you out.

  • Make lists of what stuffs you need and then put them into priorities. The most important ones should be listed on top, while the less important ones can go downward.
  • Find information around about which shops to go. You can also try browsing through online shops and make notes of the standard prices for each instrument. Online shops generally provide less expensive tag prices, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. The point is that you need to make notes, in which you can make comparison later on.
  • Once you have the necessary information about the materials provided for each item, you can try finding them around the neighborhood. Invest time and energy to move from one shop to another in order to make comparison. It doesn’t hurt to find more information about which item is the best from the sales clerks as they can provide insight for your quest.
  • Once you have found the candidate shops – at least have more than one shop – talk and discuss it with the other members. Decide what you want and how to come up with the best purchasing plan.

Planning the purchase can’t take place instantly. Unless your band is loaded with money that can be wasted as your heart desire, you really need to make sure that your purchase is worthy and you won’t be spending money uselessly to buy the items. Be patient and really dedicate time to find the right sellers. It won’t be easy or fast, but it is worth your efforts if you are able to find the items you need.

In case buying new equipments and items isn’t possible, why not buying used equipments and items? Yes, you may have to spend more time because finding truly good used items isn’t as easy as finding the new ones, but used items are more affordable and inexpensive. If money is your main concern, having used items will be the best possible solutions. If buying is still impossible, you can place ads and ask for donations from the community. If you can get the items you want from the donation, it would be great. But even if you don’t get the equipments you want, you can still sell them and get money to finally buy the equipments you need.

Important Considerations in Buying a Drum Set 

There are lots of preparations that you need to commence before you can buy your own and first drum set. Considering the fact that drum isn’t light or small, you should really plan things through so your expenses won’t go into waste. And considering that a drum set isn’t cheap either – although most of them are quite affordable – you really need to make wise planning and arrangement.

So, what should you do when you want to buy your drum set? First of all, you need to think about the size. Although drum set comes in various sizing and the compact one is available these days, you still need to consider the need of wide and big space. Do you know that even the smallest and the most compact drum set requires 8 x 8 feet of space? Not only you need to plan out where you are going to place the drum set, you also need to make arrangement whether it is going to obstruct your daily activities or not. It is wiser and better if you can have your own music room so your music activity won’t be disturbed by others. In case you don’t have your own private music room, it would be better if you steer it out of the way from the busy traffic at home so it won’t affect the activity of other family members as well as affecting your music performance and enjoyment.

Important Considerations in Buying a Drum Set You also need to consider the noise, which can be quite annoying for others. If you are a beginner, the chaotic sound you produce will be quite painful to others’ ears, so you may want to think about that. If you are sharing a duplex or you live in an apartment building, you may want to consider having the silent drum set. However, keep in mind that this kind of drum set isn’t the same as the real thing. The fact that it teaches you about how to play the drum, but not about the feel of getting music soul and stuff, is quite limiting with this silent set. So if you have generous space at home and you don’t have to share your personal living space with others, it is better that you purchase the real thing.

Another possible solution is to insulate your apartment to keep the noise from going out. However, insulation costs quite a lot and not many people are willing to spend a lot of money for the sake of ‘only’ being able to play musical instruments. However, if you are loaded, you live in an apartment building, and you want to play as much as your heart desire, insulation may be the answer for your requirements.

The facts that you are a beginner or an advanced musician will also determine the space requirements. If you are a beginner, the limited space won’t be a problem as you start out with the most compact set. However, if you are an advanced musician, you definitely want bigger and wider space because advanced musician wants to improve; they tend to have additional pieces here and there to expand the original set arrangement.

In case you want to buy drum set not for you, but for your kids, you need to consider the age range. There are some drum sets that are designed for kids between 3 to 6 years old, which are sold within the 2/3 size from the original and real sizing. The price is also affordable and quite reasonable with high quality finish. Kids around 6 years old can use the standard kit. If you have made your kids familiar with the drum set from the age of 3, moving on to the complete set for age 6 will cost you more.

Here is the most common kit arrangement and configuration that is often used and implemented by drummers.

  • Jazz kit with 18 inches of bass, 12 inches and 14 inches of toms, 13 or 14 inches of snare
  • Fusion kit (20 inch) with 20 inches of bass, 10, 12, and 14 inches of toms, 13 or 14 inches of snare
  • Fusion kit (22 inch) with 22 inches of bass, 12,13, and 16 inches of toms, and 14 inches of snare
  • Rock kit with 22 inches of bass, 12,13, and 16 inches of toms, and 14 inches of snare
  • Rock Fusion kit with 22 inches of bass, 10, 12, and 16 inches of toms, and 14 inches of snare

Important Considerations in Buying a Drum Set 1The types of drums used depend greatly on the preference and like. Jazz drummers, for instance, prefer the fusion kit while rock drummers like the original rock kit. However, these arrangements aren’t rigid or strict as it is not only used exclusively based on the label. There are lots of rock drummers playing rock fusion as it is the newest and most current music fashion nowadays. Some jazz drummers prefer the rock kit because they like the arrangement and feel. However, if you are a beginner in this field, starting out from smaller diameters can be really helpful as you don’t have to deal with tricky and complicated management. As you progress, you can expand your skills and choose bigger set.

The second most important thing is to consider the portability and transportation. If you are a professional drummer who will need your kit for jamming session, you will have to consider the portability and the easiness of moving your set around. The mid size kit may allow you to pack your set in most vehicles, but you also need to consider the arrangement so your set stays in its pristine condition and it doesn’t have to deal with loads of damage possibility.

The last thing is the budget, of course. It is advisable that you choose high quality drum set that is sturdier and more solid, and certainly will cost you. If you are a bit low on the budget, you can consider used drum set or even remanufactured set. The difference in price is quite a lot and it can help you save money, although you may have to deal with superficial scratches all over – hey, it’s used, so what else can you expect from it?

Understanding Drum Set and Its Component

Good and wise musicians will always try to understand the musical instruments they are using. How can you expect to play them well if you are clueless about their details? The same thing also applies to playing the drum set. In fact, considering that a drum set has so many details and parts – which aren’t small or light – your job is getting more difficult. So, be sure that you invest time in learning the parts well and really try to understand their functions and usages.

The Basic Components of Drum Set

There are several components that are considered mandatory, as the drum set won’t function properly without these small parts. Remember that drum set is just the same as other musical instruments; they have different materials, the specifications are different from one another (depending on the drummers’ preference), and also different sizes. A drum set for beginners are likely smaller and more compact with the simplest arrangement possible, while advanced drummers use bigger set (with more addition) with more complicated arrangement. An inexpensive and more affordable drum set is likely made of synthetic materials, while the high grade and more expensive sets are made of wood and its variants.

bass drumThe first component to understand is the bass drum. Also known as the kick drum as it is attached to a pedal where the drummers has to step on to produce sound, this drum is sitting on the floor. The drum won’t be able to roll on the floor because it has protruding legs for balance. It also comes with heads – the part where being beaten – located on the sides. Kick pedal and drum mallets are generally attached to this bass drum. It produces deep and resounds sound and used to balance the beat from the snare drum with upbeat signature – beat 1 and also beat 3 in 4/4 arrangement. If you want to play the drum properly, you need to have it in your arrangement.

snare drumAnother important component of the drum set is the snare drum, with a resonant head. It is shallow with unique cracking signature sound because it is made with tightened wires located underneath the head. It is generally used to play the back beat – beat 2 and beat 4 in 4/4 arrangement. Playing snare drum is considered as important as the bass drum because of the complication and difficulty. Even when you buy wooden drum set, most snare drums are made of metal. If you want to buy a drum set, make sure that you can find a certain tension spring that should be available on the bottom head.

tom-tomThe third part to understand is the toms – some people like to call it tom-tom. Since these toms don’t come with snare wires located underneath, the sound produced is more mellow when compared to the one produced by snare drum. A standard drum set generally has three toms in the arrangement, where one is located on the floor and the two are mounted. Tom-tom comes in different sizes, and the biggest one should be placed on the floor. If you want to mount the toms with a special bracket, you can place one on the tops side of the bass or on adjustable legs. The hardware used for mounting is very versatile and easily adjusted. How high the placement is or how they are placed depends greatly on the drummers’ preference, and should go along with their arms’ length and height. The toms play very important role in Afro Cuban or Latin American drum patterns.

cymbalsThe last one is the cymbal. Cymbals come in different types and usages as they produce different sounds. And here are their types:

  • Hi-hat cymbals. They are mostly used to provide groove – and mostly used in the 8th and 16th note patterns. By using a foot pedal, these cymbals can be opened or closed.
  • Ride cymbal. It is the biggest cymbal with regular diameter around 22 inches. Although it is also used in the 8th and 16th note patterns, it produces washy and more sustained sound. In jazz drumming, this cymbal is very important.
  • Splash and crash cymbals. Crash cymbal is generally smaller when compared to ride cymbal, with diameter around 15 to 18 inches. The splash cymbal is smaller and produces higher pitch. The diameter is around 6 to 14 inches. When playing them, you only need to strike the edge so you can produce piercing and loud noise; very good for the ends of drumming fill.

Sometimes people have difficulties when they have to choose the right cymbal sets. If it happens to you, you may want to purchase the pre-packaged packs where you can get a ride, hi-hats, and also crash cymbals altogether. Most major companies will offer these cymbals within a package so you won’t have to be confused about choosing the right set.

Stagg 5 Piece Drum SetOther Hardware

Besides the regular sets, you may have to add several sets that will improve your play and also comfort. For instance, a snare stand is required to place the snare drum. It is quite important so the snare spring – the one located underneath the drum – won’t be bothered or obstructed. Another one is hi-hat stand, which is required to place the hit-hats cymbals. The stand is special as it has adjustable lock downs for the cymbal as well as spring pedal. And you may want to have a seat where you can sit comfortable while adjusting or playing, as well as having a set or brushes or drumsticks will improve your performance. If you want to, you can also have special cases so you can place the components into them and safely carry them or transport them everywhere you go. These cases will be very crucial if you often take your set for jamming session or play out.

Also consider having electronic drum sets that are more compact and more silent. This is the alternative instrument that you can opt for in case having the regular and standard set isn’t possible. This kind of instrument can be played with headphones or with PA speakers. Keep in mind, though, that this kind of set is definitely different from the regular one.

Drum Virgin: Things You Underestimate about Drum

In the music world, people tend to underestimate the drum. As one of the biggest instruments in a band, people see it only as the item being hit or beaten. Unlike the guitar that requires tuning or adjustment, the drum seems …well, stationary and just the way it is. However, you will be surprised to find out that there are lots of preparations in setting up a drum. In fact, things can be tricky and complicated although you may have been familiar with music, or other musical instruments.

Drum Virgin- Things You Underestimate about DrumLots of musicians are becoming drum virgins when dealing with this set. They may have been familiar with the bass or the guitar, or even with the keyboard. But when it comes to the drum, they are basically clueless. The only thing they hang on to is the notion that they know everything about the drum – which leads to the idea that playing drum is easy. What’s so hard about hitting this and that, anyway? The result will be just the same as you will produce this loud bang that will go along with the rhythm.

If that’s what you have been thinking, then you are dead wrong because like it is said before, most people become drum virgin when they have to deal with this big musical piece. And no matter how good you are with other instruments or how skillful you are when playing other instruments, you are dead meat when dealing with the drum set.

You see, the drum isn’t only a piece that is hit and beaten. Yes, you will have to hit it in order to produce sound. But to produce nice, fun, and harmonious sound, you will have to tune it, and tuning the drum isn’t something easy at all. Unlike tuning the guitar that needs several turning here and there, you will have to use the screw and bolt to really come to the right sound. And the actual implementation of tuning can really make your head spin. Loads of musicians are put off with this idea. Of course they would laugh at the idea that a drum needs tuning. Really, is it truly necessary?

Drum Virgin- Things You Underestimate about Drum1But the laugh turns to sweat and frown as soon as they start getting down on their knees and try tightening the bolt. You may have to turn a full clockwise, before going to the opposite way for a full turn as well, and then skip two beats, etc. And to make it even worse, you just find out that it is not all about the music note, but more about how to produce the right sound. Mind you that the ‘right sound’ for the guitar or keyboard may not be the same as for the drum… you see how fun it becomes?

If you still think that drum set is an easy musical instrument that only needs hitting to produce the ‘right sound’, then you should doing the preparations, tuning, and everything on your own. And if you still think the same even after doing the whole thing, then either there is something wrong with your head or you are a really pompous individual.

Facts about Drumsticks and How a Drummer Is Clueless without One

You may have seen this scene: you are in a music concert – or watch music performance at home, either way it doesn’t matter – and you see the drummer playing attractively and vigorously, spinning off the sticks in their hands while performing other cools actions, and see how the sticks become the crucial ‘weapon’ for the drummers.

In the music world, you have no idea of how important a drumstick is. Not only it is crucial in producing the sound – can you imagine what you will be like without the sticks? What are you supposed to do, hitting the snare drums or cymbals with your bare hands? – The sticks can also produce different sounds, depending on the materials, the types, and such alike. You may not realize that the sticks can actually deliver different atmosphere into the drum playing experience, and there are seriously loads of different ranges of drum sticks available out there.Facts about Drumsticks and How a Drummer Is Clueless without One

You are not alone when you innocently think that a pair of drum stick is….well, just a pair of sticks. In reality, a pair of drum sticks can tell it all about your drumming specialty. Whether you focus much on hitting the cymbals or the snare drums, you can actually tell it from the sticks. Whether you like dealing with lighter or heavier sticks, it really affects the way you play the set. Whether you like a simple stick with no attachment on or the sticks that are truly designed with careful details and features – believe it, they are real and true – it will come down to your own preference and comfort.

The most common mistakes people make is to think that sticks are just sticks; that’s mistake number one. Second mistake is they think that drumstick only comes in one variant only. The third mistake is to think that drum only produces one type of sound and stick is used only to hit it off. All these misconceptions happen because not many people have direct access to the drum world and how careful details and preparations are actually needed to make the set really functional.

First of all, the drumstick isn’t a regular stick. They are made through careful design and serious thought; not to mention that they have gone through complicated processing in the making. Really high quality materials are needed to produce high quality and long lasting sticks. Some drums are made with ‘empty’ lightness, which makes it suitable for light hitting, while some are quite heavy and thicker, made to deliver deeper and crunchier sound. Such sound effect may not be so much different from the untrained ears, but for professional drummers who have spent most of times in the industry, they know the difference very much.

Facts about Drumsticks and How a Drummer Is Clueless without One1

Second, drumsticks come in different variations, as explained before. You can have the small and light sticks, or the bigger and heavier sticks. In case you want longer sticks with bigger tip and thinner gripping points, for instance, you can have one. The different sizes and make will lead to different sound made. If you try heavier sticks, you can get more noise from the toms or you can try the Nylon top to get more shimmer from the cymbals. It doesn’t hurt to try different sticks, until you come to the right sound effect and outcome.