Drum Virgin: Things You Underestimate about Drum

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In the music world, people tend to underestimate the drum. As one of the biggest instruments in a band, people see it only as the item being hit or beaten. Unlike the guitar that requires tuning or adjustment, the drum seems …well, stationary and just the way it is. However, you will be surprised to find out that there are lots of preparations in setting up a drum. In fact, things can be tricky and complicated although you may have been familiar with music, or other musical instruments.drum-virgin-things-you-underestimate-about-drum

Lots of musicians are becoming drum virgins when dealing with this set. They may have been familiar with the bass or the guitar, or even with the keyboard. But when it comes to the drum, they are basically clueless. The only thing they hang on to is the notion that they know everything about the drum – which leads to the idea that playing drum is easy. What’s so hard about hitting this and that, anyway? The result will be just the same as you will produce this loud bang that will go along with the rhythm.

If that’s what you have been thinking, then you are dead wrong because like it is said before, most people become drum virgin when they have to deal with this big musical piece. And no matter how good you are with other instruments or how skillful you are when playing other instruments, you are dead meat when dealing with the drum set.

You see, the drum isn’t only a piece that is hit and beaten. Yes, you will have to hit it in order to produce sound. But to produce nice, fun, and harmonious sound, you will have to tune it, and tuning the drum isn’t something easy at all. Unlike tuning the guitar that needs several turning here and there, you will have to use the screw and bolt to really come to the right sound. And the actual implementation of tuning can really make your head spin. Loads of musicians are put off with this idea. Of course they would laugh at the idea that a drum needs tuning. Really, is it truly necessary?drum-virgin-things-you-underestimate-about-drum1

But the laugh turns to sweat and frown as soon as they start getting down on their knees and try tightening the bolt. You may have to turn a full clockwise, before going to the opposite way for a full turn as well, and then skip two beats, etc. And to make it even worse, you just find out that it is not all about the music note, but more about how to produce the right sound. Mind you that the ‘right sound’ for the guitar or keyboard may not be the same as for the drum… you see how fun it becomes?

If you still think that drum set is an easy musical instrument that only needs hitting to produce the ‘right sound’, then you should doing the preparations, tuning, and everything on your own. And if you still think the same even after doing the whole thing, then either there is something wrong with your head or you are a really pompous individual.

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