Facts about Drumsticks and How a Drummer Is Clueless without One

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You may have seen this scene: you are in a music concert – or watch music performance at home, either way it doesn’t matter – and you see the drummer playing attractively and vigorously, spinning off the sticks in their hands while performing other cools actions, and see how the sticks become the crucial ‘weapon’ for the drummers.

In the music world, you have no idea of how important a drumstick is. Not only it is crucial in producing the sound – can you imagine what you will be like without the sticks? What are you supposed to do, hitting the snare drums or cymbals with your bare hands? – The sticks can also produce different sounds, depending on the materials, the types, and such alike. You may not realize that the sticks can actually deliver different atmosphere into the drum playing experience, and there are seriously loads of different ranges of drum sticks available out there.jual-drumband

You are not alone when you innocently think that a pair of drum stick is….well, just a pair of sticks. In reality, a pair of drum sticks can tell it all about your drumming specialty. Whether you focus much on hitting the cymbals or the snare drums, you can actually tell it from the sticks. Whether you like dealing with lighter or heavier sticks, it really affects the way you play the set. Whether you like a simple stick with no attachment on or the sticks that are truly designed with careful details and features – believe it, they are real and true – it will come down to your own preference and comfort.

The most common mistakes people make is to think that sticks are just sticks; that’s mistake number one. Second mistake is they think that drumstick only comes in one variant only. The third mistake is to think that drum only produces one type of sound and stick is used only to hit it off. All these misconceptions happen because not many people have direct access to the drum world and how careful details and preparations are actually needed to make the set really functional.

First of all, the drumstick isn’t a regular stick. They are made through careful design and serious thought; not to mention that they have gone through complicated processing in the making. Really high quality materials are needed to produce high quality and long lasting sticks. Some drums are made with ‘empty’ lightness, which makes it suitable for light hitting, while some are quite heavy and thicker, made to deliver deeper and crunchier sound. Such sound effect may not be so much different from the untrained ears, but for professional drummers who have spent most of times in the industry, they know the difference very much.


Second, drumsticks come in different variations, as explained before. You can have the small and light sticks, or the bigger and heavier sticks. In case you want longer sticks with bigger tip and thinner gripping points, for instance, you can have one. The different sizes and make will lead to different sound made. If you try heavier sticks, you can get more noise from the toms or you can try the Nylon top to get more shimmer from the cymbals. It doesn’t hurt to try different sticks, until you come to the right sound effect and outcome.

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