Tips in Choosing Marching Band Shops

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tips-in-choosing-marching-band-shopsYou may not realize this, but joining a marching band will require lots of things and preparation. It is safe to say that a marching band is quite costly because of the so many items needed and included. The musical instruments may be the main items in the band, but do you know that there are other additional items that you should have to ensure that practice would be smooth and well?

The Essentials

So, before you can make a budget planning of what items to buy, you need to know the essentials. Here are some of the things you need to have:

  • The musical instruments are undoubtedly the main important element in the band. How are you going to contribute within the band without having the instrument?
  • You will also need a good pair of shoes, preferably sport shoes. Never consider playing bands with beauty shoes like high heels or flats. Not only they won’t be suitable for such harsh condition, it is you who will suffer the most. Good pair of sport shoes has this nice support that enables you to stand or walk a long distance. It is also advisable that you always wear the shoes with socks. Without socks, you will only suffer from the blisters – which can be very painful on longer period of time.
  • Have comfy and breathable shorts and T-shirts. Having light and comfy polo shirts can also help. Most marching bands generally wear uniforms, but if you are low on the budget, wearing regular shorts and shirts will do. You can save up money while making use of your regular clothing.
  • Having a raincoat or raincoat with pants is also important. You may have to perform during rainy days. Investing your money in high quality raincoat will be a wise thing to do. Consider poncho if you think regular raincoat is not very fashionable or stylish.
  • If you already have shirts, shorts, or polo shirts for official performance of the band, you need to have the matching socks as well. It will deliver the professional look, despite the simplicity of your style and ‘uniform’
  • You also need to invest money in good quality duffel bag so you can carry all of your items safely and easily. Your items won’t be scattered around and you won’t have to worry that they may be damaged during transportation.
  • Additional and important stuffs, like first aid kit, water bottle, or sunscreen is important. They are important to make sure that your practice moment will be smooth and you can enjoy it.

Purchase Consideration

Let’s face it, you will need lots of money when joining a marching band. In case your band is thinking about spending money to buy the equipments, here are the things to consider in case the budget is limited:

1. Musical instruments are more crucial than additional items and uniforms, so make sure that they go first.

2. If new instruments are still expensive, you can consider used items. Try eBay or Craiglist, as well as used stores around the

3. Browse around for various options from offline and online stores. Discuss with other members about your crucial needs.

Choosing Marching Band Shops

If you want to make your marching band inventory complete by the needed essentials and stuffs, you have to choose the right marching band shops. Choosing the right shops can determine the quality of the equipments as well as making sure that you don’t spend too much for them. Basically, there are lots of marching band shops that you can try and visit because buying the instruments and the additional items is easy, but you certainly want to make sure that you choose from the right and reliable suppliers.

Among the many types and variants of marching band shop, you can be overwhelmed with many different choices and options. To help you decide of which store to choose and to make your job easier, here are some ways to help you out.

  • Make lists of what stuffs you need and then put them into priorities. The most important ones should be listed on top, while the less important ones can go downward.
  • Find information around about which shops to go. You can also try browsing through online shops and make notes of the standard prices for each instrument. Online shops generally provide less expensive tag prices, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. The point is that you need to make notes, in which you can make comparison later on.
  • Once you have the necessary information about the materials provided for each item, you can try finding them around the neighborhood. Invest time and energy to move from one shop to another in order to make comparison. It doesn’t hurt to find more information about which item is the best from the sales clerks as they can provide insight for your quest.
  • Once you have found the candidate shops – at least have more than one shop – talk and discuss it with the other members. Decide what you want and how to come up with the best purchasing plan.

Planning the purchase can’t take place instantly. Unless your band is loaded with money that can be wasted as your heart desire, you really need to make sure that your purchase is worthy and you won’t be spending money uselessly to buy the items. Be patient and really dedicate time to find the right sellers. It won’t be easy or fast, but it is worth your efforts if you are able to find the items you need.

In case buying new equipments and items isn’t possible, why not buying used equipments and items? Yes, you may have to spend more time because finding truly good used items isn’t as easy as finding the new ones, but used items are more affordable and inexpensive. If money is your main concern, having used items will be the best possible solutions. If buying is still impossible, you can place ads and ask for donations from the community. If you can get the items you want from the donation, it would be great. But even if you don’t get the equipments you want, you can still sell them and get money to finally buy the equipments you need.

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